This means everything

Your support will bring life-saving help to children in crisis

Migeb. It means food in Ethiopia.

For baby Nebila, it means survival. For her family, it means an end to watching her tiny body struggle to fight malnutrition. For communities plunged into crisis by extreme drought and floods, it means hope for tomorrow.

Your $12 means urgent therapeutic food to help a child like Nebila recover from malnutrition. It means children like her will have another chance at life. So enamesegenalen - thank you - your donation means everything.

Your generous donation today will deliver therapeutic food or other life-saving supplies to children suffering from malnutrition across Eastern and Southern Africa. 
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children in food crisis

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All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. ABN 35 060 581 437. Calculate your potential tax benefit here.

If you'd prefer to make your donation over the phone, please call our Supporter Relations team on 1300 884 233.

Child in Ethiopia eating a therapeutic food sachet provided by UNICEF Child in Ethiopia eating a therapeutic food sachet provided by UNICEF
Child in Ethiopia eating a therapeutic food sachet provided by UNICEF

No parent should have to see their child suffer through malnutrition

With your help, they won’t have to. By donating today you can help reach children with:
  • Therapeutic food and life-saving treatment for severe acute malnutrition
  • New water points and daily deliveries of safe drinking supplies
  • Vaccinations against measles and other deadly diseases
  • Emergency education where schools have closed and children have moved in search of food
UNICEF supports children and their families wherever an emergency strikes. Together we can provide life-saving therapeutic food to children living in food crisis and give them a fair chance at a good life.

FAQ About This Campaign

What is UNICEF?
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UNICEF is the United Nations Children’s Fund. UNICEF is a charity that raises funds through donations from individuals, businesses, foundations and governments. We reach children in 190 countries with life-saving supplies and support and advocate to keep children safe.

UNICEF supports child health and nutrition, safe water and sanitation, quality basic education and the protection of children from violence, exploitation, and HIV/AIDS. UNICEF also responds to humanitarian emergencies.
What is this campaign about?
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Across Eastern and Southern Africa, over 51 million people are affected by the worst drought in 50 years, caused by El Niño. Over half – 26 million – are children. That’s the equivalent of the entire Australian population going hungry.

UNICEF is targeting more than 1 million children with the deadliest kind of malnutrition. We’ll treat them with special therapeutic food and milk to bring them back to health.

No parent wants this situation for their child – they want them to grow up happy and healthy and to be educated. Parents and children here in Australia can help because the good news is - there are solutions. A little bit of help goes a long way.

Your donation will go children and their families in Angola, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Somalia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. With La Niña projected to take hold in the region in the latter part of this year, bringing rain and floods – your support can’t come soon enough.
How does my donation make a difference?
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Donate Your Dinner is a small act of generosity that makes a big impact. By donating the value of your meal, sharing the campaign on social media and asking your friends to take part as well - you’re creating real change for children in East and Southern Africa.

A small donation can make a big difference. Just $12 can help bring a child back from the brink of malnutrition. Even children suffering from severe acute malnutrition have a 90 per cent chance of recovery if treated with the right therapeutic food.

If you get involved with Donate Your Dinner and pass it on, you can cause a ripple effect that continues to raise awareness and funds for children at this critical time.
Will I receive a receipt?
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Yes. At the end of the financial year, we will send you a statement that details all of your transactions with UNICEF for those 12 months. We send our donor receipts annually to save on our administration costs, however you can request a receipt at any time by contacting us on 1300 134 071.
Is my donation tax-deductible?
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Yes, donations of $2 and over are tax-deductible.
How much of my donation is spent on UNICEF’s program work for children?
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Everything we do at UNICEF is done with the world’s children in mind first. For every dollar donated by the Australian public in 2015:
  • 77 cents went directly to programs that support children, including long-term development and responding to emergencies
  • 15 cents covered the cost of developing and retaining our supporter base, and helped UNICEF Australia attract donors to fund life-saving programs for children
  • 8 cents helped keep our Sydney office running, and paid for administration and ensuring we remain transparent and accountable to our donors and to maintain reserves.
For more information on where donations go, and where they come from, please see our 2015 Annual Report