Children in Gaza are in desperate need.
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We’re partnering with local organisations to help children and young people in need. 

From birth through to teens, the right support at the right time can help children thrive. It is through our partnerships with local organisations and communities that we can create lasting change for vulnerable children and young people for generations to come. Through our partnerships we’re: 

Addressing disadvantage in the early years so that all children get the best start in life. 

Empowering young people to reach their full potential through education and training

Ensuring children are protected from violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect.

Ready to respond with a child centred approach to climate driven emergencies.

Young people in the Sprints Program© UNICEF Australia/2022/ O’Dell

We’re working towards making impactful change in three priority areas, here in Australia and overseas.

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For all Australia's children

From remote towns to city centres, the rights and wellbeing of Australia’s most vulnerable children and young people are being impacted by poverty, mental health, homelessness, violence, climate-driven disasters, and for some, lack of access to quality education and health care.

A young First Nations girl lying down on the blanket and smiling at the camera
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